Monday, July 17, 2006

Meeting The Freshmen

So after 1 week of stalling, we finally met up with the juniors. As we were walking to the cafeteria, our meeting place, nobody said a word at all. Very weird la, since we should be all hyped up talking about how are we gonna introduce ourselves to the freshies and rag them and such. Instead, everyone was just smiling and daydreaming away. I wonder what we were each thinking of:

(Monologue walks a la Fear Factor)
Normie: [I really hope the freshies are worth saving up my past year books for.]
York: [I will mentally destroy them. Every single on of em']
Kim: ["Hello freshies! I'm your banana senior!" That's an awful introduction.]
Adrian: [Girls, girls, girls]
Ben: [Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot. A pebble! So round and shiny. -picks up the pebble- I'll name you Pebby.]
Pebby: [Yes, take me home. Then while you're asleep, -slits throat-]

When we finally arrived at the cafeteria, there they were, all 10 of them waiting at a table. All 10 GUYS. Adrian cried. We all wanted to too. So after we shrugged off our dissapointments, we assigned each junior with 2 seniors (you do the math) and then had a brief talk with them. I teamed up with Kim, who constantly pointed out I was talking too fast that I was scaring the freshy:

Ben: HellotheremynameisBenandthisisKim. What'syournameagain?
Assigned Freshy: Ling...
Kim: [Whispers] Ben, you're scaring him. Talk slower.
Ben: Ling. I have a friend by that surname too but she's a girl. I guess it doesn't matter right since it's a surname and not a firstname. But I always thought that Ling was a girl's surname, even when you pair it up with the most manliest firstname like Butch, Butch Ling, it still sounds girly. Do you smell that? It's so smelly here. I'm telling you, this cafeteria would close down immediately if I was the health inspector.
Assigned Freshy: (Wets himself)
Kim: [Whispers] What's wrong with you?!

I have a problem. See, I get nervous meeting new people and I tend to speak a little faster than usual at first meets. I don't know why but it helps me to warm up to people. *sigh* Anyway, the meet up with the freshies was ok. The real orientation starts on Friday, that's when the real fun starts.

So many characters! Read here for help.



Why get nervous with freshies? They should be the ones biting their fingers, shedding cold sweat, hair falling, eyes popping out... I mean... chill~ hehe..


want to make a first macho impression ma. dun wan to be known as the "chicken, soft-spoken senior". So talk fast fast until he wan to cry.

Mrs. Brain Bomb

Pretty funny. I liked your Fear Factor walk. I had a nice chuckle.

bubbly soda

ben is a PE-NI-PU You didn't talk so fast oso when i met you. Oh well have fun ragging them, I eman sayang them. kekeke..

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