Thursday, July 20, 2006

Horse Said, I Said

Today I have done what very few Asians at the age of 20 have yet to do, I GOT A 'C' FOR MATHEMATICS, I GOT 'GROUNDED', I GOT LAID, I RODE A HORSE! As you all know, yours truly is taking equestrian as his cocurricular subject this semester and he friggin gets to ride a horse for the next 14 weeks!

Fine I didn't actually get to ride it on the first day but I will starting next week. Today we were only lectured on the basics of bringing a horse out of a stable and then fixing it up with a head collar. After that we each were required to walk the horse around a small field.

Me wanking walking the horse

I admit, I was scared to death. The thought of it suddenly going mad, kicking me down to the ground and then have it trample mercilessly on my balls *shudders* When it came my turn, I calmed myself down by giving the horse a rub on the nose and a pat on the neck. *sigh of relief* It likes. Once you start walking it, it's actually more relaxing than scary. It's like having a new four legged best friend, mind you I've only ever had a hamster as a pet (I like to squeeze it, I wish I could squeeze a horse.. and make it run a huge wheel). I got so comfortable, I even started chatting with it:

(While walking the horse)
Ben: I had a bad day today.
Ben: Didn't understand my fluids lecture.
Ben: *sigh* And I stuttered a lot during presentation.
Ben: You're such a good listener.
Ben: Are you a girl or a boy? [Looks below]
Ben: You know for someone twice my size, you have a very small penis.
Horse: [Kicks Ben down to the ground and tramples mercilessly on his balls]

The last part didn't actually happen but I was so afraid it could understand me when I told him its private was eenie. I would do so much worse to anyone who told me that.

I'm fairly sure if they took porn off the internet, there'd only be one website left and it will be called "Bring back the porn". - Dr. Cox, Srubs


bubbly soda

eh.. u know what it's like you are undergoing pet therapy. or animal therapy. it's good! can help you to relax. ahahha


Surprisingly enough, horse-riding has been espoused as one of the best means of therapeautic treatment for paraplegics and the physically handicapped...


tell that christopher reeve (it had to be done)


Horsie seems to like Ben Ben! :P


Oh yeah I bet it has sex fantasies about me :)


*romantic music*
Ben walks into stable, starts to caress horsie, strips down clothes, licks horsie's...

omg I can't stand it anymore...



Haha, I wasn't going to comment but "Horsie seems to like Ben Ben!" is such a cute comment! :D

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