Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who Needs TV Sitcoms

It's been a week and a half since I got back from KL and things are starting to settle down. My fees are paid, all the necessary books and modules are already bought, and our timetable has also been finalised. Even our usual campus life routine has resumed; wake up - go to lecture - pop quiz - lecturer absent - pop quiz - replacement class - lecturer fail to show up again - return to hostel - basketball - shower - sleep.

I miss satellite television. It's like there's nothing interesting for me to talk about anymore. But then I'll always have these people:

(At the cafeteria having our dinner)
Normie: [Pushing the onions to the side of his plate]
Kim: Why aren't you eating the onions?
Normie: Onions make people fart uncontrollably.
Kim: The onions are mixed with the chicken. Do you think the chicken ended up on the plate because it farted uncontrollably?
Normie: [Stares blankly at his plate of Nasi Ayam Kicap]
Kim: Maybe its fart was accompanied by shitting, you know, since it is in fact uncontrollable. [Imitates diarrhea sound]
Normie: You suck.
Kim: You're eating chicken shit.

Always :)


cheng sim

nah. i only do that if there's a kangkung or any sorts of green veggies in my nasi campur. onion nice what. especially with Ramly burgers. WHOAAAA. SYIOK SIAL!!!

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