Friday, July 21, 2006

University Lecturer Opinions Rocks

On the first day of class, we (undergrads) were all warned that university lecturers are very different from high school where they spoonfeed you everything from exam questions to what you're having for lunch. All they do is provide you with basic information on a subject and you are required to do your own research at the library and etc. But one thing you are guarenteed to get from each of them (besides a grade) is their personal opinion on EVERYTHING:

(From movie reviews)
Lecturer: Has anyone watched the movie "Superman Returns"?
Lecturer: For those who haven't, I strongly advice you not to watch it.
Lecturer: It is crap.Lecturer: I do not understand why Lex Luthor always has to be the villain. I am so sick and tired of Lex this and Lex that, find another villain why don't they?
Lecturer: Same goes for the "Austin Powers" series. Dr. Evil, Dr. Evil, Dr. Evil. Crap!
Lecturer: Ok, back to lecture.

Apparently this one is a James Bond fanatic.

(To rants on the government)
Lecturer: The 200% tax that the government is currently imposing on all imported cars are just ridiculous. Helping the national car industry? Bullshit.
Lecturer: The only thing it does is eliminate any sign of healthy competition.
Lecturer: Hence, Proton Juara.
Lecturer: Hey has anyone been a jerk to you lately? Write their names and hand them to me. I'll just print "The Juara Design Team" followed by the list of their names then distribute them in flyers.
Lecturer: Guarenteed by the end of this week, each of them at least receives a black eye and a broken bone.

Apparently this one is a Malaysian.



My previous maths lecturer talks about alcoholic beverages, eg. which vodka tastes better, how he finished a bottle of chivas by himself in one evening...

And Diablo!

Guess how much we all scored for maths and stats?


this is ur lecturer!i know it's u !ben will get 0 for first test!





Wan Yean

dont listen to ben. he is lying. none of the lecturers here watch superman and they love proton. he tipu u guys wan

*ben looks on with delight*
oooh! another comment! its me dude, happy?

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