Monday, July 24, 2006

Experience? Not For This Job

Everyone around me seems to be getting a part-time job even my roomie, Adrian, is giving some poor chap mathematics tuition once every week. When you think about it, it's really not such a bad idea. Just get any job that pays well and would only take up a few hours a week. And by the end of the month, there'd be enough money to waste down at Singapore! (Divided by 2 of course)

So with that idea in mind, I started paying more attentions to the many paper ads plastered all over the pillars and walls of the town of Skudai. I found this ad the most interesting:

(Actually Normie and I found that ad the most interesting)
Ben: Now this sounds promising.
Normie: It's a rip-off la. What kind of job pays so much without ANY experience?
Ben: Loan shark's assistant.
Normie: Male gigolo.
Ben: Bank robber.
Normie: Drug trafficker.
Ben: Dog walker.

[Awkward Pause]

Normie: How did you go from bank robber to dog walker?
Ben: I forgot about the "have to be above 18" requirement.
Normie: What does that have anything to do with robbing a bank?
Ben: It's illegal to rob banks below 18.
Normie: But..
Ben: Hey, I've got another good one. A rapist!
Normie: ...

Anyway, I don't think I'll be getting a job anytime soon. Besides the obvious language barrier (everyone in Skudai speaks mandarin) and transportation problems, I think I'd better enjoy my uni life to the max before I actually start working.

I answer my exam questions like this too. Like brother, like sister.




I suppose you have good talking skills. With that advantage you actually can get a pretty decent paying job. ;-)

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