Tuesday, July 25, 2006

English 101 At UTM

When Kim and I first entered UTM, we were so afraid of being the only non-mandarin speaking chinese (banana) in the entire faculty. A year later, here we are surrounded by chinese ed coursemates who would happily speak nothing but english to us. So what if their english are broken? I'm just glad we're not labelled as proud and ignorant and then shunned away from the chinese community here.

Plus, their english will only get better. Even Normie's vocabulary has somewhat improved over the past year. He still gets his 'he' and 'she', 'his' and 'her', 'mother' and 'father' mixed up sometimes but that's what we (Kim and I) are here for:

(In the car, discussing about living outside UTM)
Normie: I don't think my mother will approve of me staying outside.
Kim (Driving): Explain to her that it's a lot better than living inside.
Normie: I just don't want to ask for extra cash from my mother.
Kim: Why you keep mentioning your mom? Don't you have a dad too?
Normie: Yeah I do.
Kim: Let me introduce you to the term 'parents'.
Normie: Yala, I know. It's just that for some reason, 'mother' comes easier to me.

[Car suddenly screeches to a halt]

Kim: MOTHERfucker! This bugger never look before crossing the road!
Normie: See.
Kim: Damn.

Chinese Ed: 1
Banana: 0






Maybe you bananas can start a new word.

fatherfucker. :P


as a nice blogger once said: kids do the darndest things...



when i first entered uni, i learnt a lot of swear words from my new Mandarin speaking friends. mostly starting with "mother-"something...

bubbly soda

GENDER DISCRIMINATION!!! Grrr... Next time end your swears with fathers.


Probably linked to the reason why some people assign a female gender to cars and ships.

"That Porsche's a beauty ain't it? Why I'd like to take her out for a spin and treat her right. Some days she just gets me so boned up that I'd just wanna make sweet love to her and..."

Brings a new meaning to auto-eroticism...


soooo funny!! lol..

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