Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How NOT To Rent Out Your House

So what was initially a joke, now has become serious. We are already starting to look for a place to stay outside of UTM. The idea of coming home as late as we want, going online 24 hours and close friends being in a 10 meter radius is just too hard to resist. Plus it's much cheaper to live outside that is if you have good bargaining skills.

We visited our first house today. It was a huge three-storey semi-D with 2 master rooms and 4 single rooms. It isn't too far from the university plus it's nearer to the Skudai town. It was perfect. Unfortunately, it's too expensive (RM750/month) so we decided to put Adrian's persuasion skills to good use.

Adrian: Can't we get it for cheaper?
Renter: I used to rent this house out for RM1000 a month.
Adrian: My senior is renting a house nearby for just RM600.
Renter: I used to rent this place out for RM1000!
Adrian: This house has been empty for almost a year. Might as well let us stay in for a cheaper price rather than leave it empty and unkept.
Renter: Five years ago, this house costed RM1000 a month.

(Short pause)

Adrian: [Pulls a string located on the renter's back]
Renter: RM1000, RM1000, RM1000.
Adrian: *sigh*

The renter couldn't come up with any other excuse to stick to his selling price. At one point, he even reminded me of my pull string GI Joe action figure which would exclaim "let's kick ass" in 4 different phrases. Anyway, he was hopeless. Let's just hope we have better luck on our next house.



Haha... He is definately not going to rent out his house. RM600 near by, put RM700 or RM650 I think you will accept eh? But why not the 3 storey semi-D one? 2 master + 4 singles dude... That will fit in 8 friends which less than RM100 each...


That's freaking cheap dude... Okay I don't know the market in Skudai area... but I used to rent a room that make me RM320 poorer per month in KL .... Let's not talk about now ...

Sing Yee

walaoweh, is damn cheap ok!


After reviewing your description of the house and the price-tag that came along with it, I deduce that it is quite a good catch. I think it comes down to how many people you're going to be moving out with. If it's just 2-3, then it may not really be worth it unless you're planning on getting more fellow tenants or sub-renting it out to others in the not-too-distant future.

bubbly soda

SO CHEAP!!! You say x ar??? WTH... You go and build a tent and stay lar. siao. If ia m the landlord i'll put all of you into an oven and bake you all man!

cheng sim

dude, what are you guys gonna do in a 3 storey house? so big for what? you wanna make a prostitution joint at the toppest floor ar? 2 storey enough lah. 4 rooms enough lah. 2 bathrooms enough lah. so, high class for what tell me?


but it will be so cool though if u guys stay in a big bungalow. sounds more like a bachelors pad! can throw heavy party also. or wait, can throw in a bloggers meet party also. so, you can asked your little crush to come along too. big house=babe attraction.


i bet most of you guys comparing it to KL prices right? right? RM750/month is a rip off in this small skudai town.

Your Senior

last time those 3 storeys house was like rm900++...

Go Taman Sri Putri if you want cheaper house,you can get a double storeys (4 rooms) house with about RM400 per month.

Your other senior

750 is freaking cheap lah. we used to stay in a double storey house at around the same price, in the same area!


we're paying rm750 for A,let me rephrase, JUST ONE FREAKING MASTER ROOM!!!
And there's 6 of us in it

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