Saturday, July 29, 2006

Survival Instincts: When Humans Go Bad

UTM is populated with quite a number of highly qualified ex-engineers who are just sick and tired of the working world. So tired in fact that they were willing to leave their RM5,000 job for a RM2,500 lecturing career here.

They all have the same excuse of quitting their jobs then; "I am just done with office politics and back-stabbing". Without even asking, they would gladly preach for a whole hour about how the working world is a dog eat dog business and the only real friends you'll have in your workplace is.. none. One might ask, have they lost their trust in human beings entirely?

Our lecturer gave us a scenario and asked us to think about it:

(A lecture hall filled with 100 undegrads, suddenly a tiger enters the hall)
Whole Class: [Shrieking] -Rushing for the backdoor-
Adrian: The tiger is coming right at us!
Ben & Adrian: [Grabs Kim and punches him silly, immobilising him, then throws him to the tiger]
Ben: There that will stall it. Hurry, we've gotta get out of here!
Adrian: There's so many people I can't even see the backdoor.
Ben: I have an idea. We'll just maul all the girls aside because they're weaker. We'll make it outside in no time!
Adrian: Come let's do it!
Ben: [Knocks Adrian unconscious] There can only be room for one.

[After Ben makes it outside]

Ben: Girls, what did the tiger do to you all?
Ben: Kim! You're alright!
Ben: *sigh* Too bad Adrian couldn't make it.

When the situation gets tough, you can forget about being a trustworthy, well-mannered gentlemen. And when the situation does cool down, that's when you realise that all around you are just fake smiles and crocodile tears. That's the working world for ya folks.



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this is ur no. 1 diehard fan.. i also from fkm... i also in ur manufacturing class. i sit in the front of the class hoping u notice me.. my initial is ytm... u're so cute... small eyes... short though.


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bubbly soda

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Why so pessimistic about the working world?? I am in one at the moment and it's pretty nice =) Okay, maybe it's the job nature too... but if you're the one stabbing people all the time and climbing over their headssss... I don't think it will matter much if there's lots of politics in the office right?? At least I don't mind =P


anonymous: you are Kim

ytm: you are Kim

ken: yeah baby!

bubbly soda: down kipas, down. staaay.. haha!

mrbherng: u scare me. i'm never working for or with u, ever.


mrbherng makes a pretty solid point, it pretty much depends on the nature of your job and workplace.

Maybe it's just me but I'm getting the sense that for most jobs where financial success is what everybody is clamoring for, the competition tends to be stiffer and unforgiving to an extent. For those successful in reaching that ideal, they'll more likely than not espouse the age-old adage that it could be quite lonely at the top.

I'm not sure if everybody lurking here is familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Most folks studying business and the nature of the commercial world will encounter this at some point. My memory of this is a little hazy but the hierarchy starts out with physical needs and security which ranges from the basics such as health, housing, income right up to material luxuries that improve our quality of life. With the base needs covered, the hierarchy then goes up to what could be termed as "higher needs", such as searching for one's purpose, striving to reach one's potential and above all, self-actualisation.

Evidence of this can be seen in quite a number of tiertary or even secondary level educators. Most lecturers and professors would have gone through a career change before ending up in their current position. One notable example that comes to mind would be Henry Kissinger, who was a prominent figure in the Nixon administration who later became involved in academia. Another one would be Bill Gates, devoting his life to charity after acheiving uber-success with his world-renowned brainchild, Microsoft.

I guess priorities and desires are different at different levels, positions and stages in life.

At any rate, there's a reason why they call it mid-life crisis...

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