Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Problogging Dreams

(While waiting for lecturer to enter the class)
Mak: What are you planning to do after you graduate?
Ben: Anything but an engineer.
Mak: ... like what?
Ben: I don't know. Maybe I could make a living out of blogging.
Ben: How is that funny?
Mak: Making a living by keeping an online diary?! Come on. Plus I've read your diary. It's ok but not good enough to make a living out of.
Ben: Stop calling it a diary. It's a blog!
Mak: It's lame that's what it is.
Ben: It's funny, I'm funny.
Mak: It's not, you're not. Instead of jokes, you should write deeper, more meaningful stuff about yourself. Maybe then you'll be able to properly show off your writing skills.
Ben: It's boring. Plus I always end up contemplating myself for days after I do. I hate reaching in and digging deep. My soul is a dark and scary place.
Mak: (Scoffs) Yeah right, like how dark is it?
Ben: It is SO dark. So chillingly dark.. dark.. dark. But it certainly isn't chicken! (laughs hysterically)
Mak: ...
Ben: Told you I was funny.
Mak: I'm so glad you're taking an engineering degree.

Side Note: Mak, the class clown has been added into My Characters post. To Mak: I told you I'd do it.



HA ! told u u were a faggot gochi !
(lets continue the deal making tmr from just now)yes i think u should write more meaningful stuff. =D

then it would prove ur gayness for life! and show ur despo-ness for wanting to be MANLY. *rolls eyes*


You actually told your mother that? xD

Cen Ni

Oh no.. SewJin is turning serious .. sobs.. dun think my tiny lil brain can handle "meaningful" stuff.

Ben, I like your blog the way it is! =D


beve: no i will not call you master. never. ever.

that's why la those meaningful posts would ruin my manliness. what's worse is YOU would read them. cannot.

cy: =.="

cen ni: thank YOU!!


I like your blog the way it is too. Since your very first hamster post! :)


U don't have to change d way u blog.. I love it that way it is..

Keep it up~ =)

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