Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Need To Learn How To Draw

(On MSN)
Darlene: (Sends a link)
Ben: (Checks out the link) Woi! What the hell is this?!
Darlene: It's a picture of a guy.
Ben: I can see that. Why did you send it to me?!
Darlene: Just wanna ask for a second opinion. Isn't he so yummilicious?! SO CUTE! Aaaargh, I feel like raping him!
Ben: ...
Darlene: Isn't he cute?
Ben: I will not answer that question.
Darlene: Why not?
Ben: Because it's unmanly.
Darlene: Chill la. You're not that 'man' anyway.
Ben: HEY! I will let you know that I am all about MAN over here! *flexes muscles*
Darlene: *Looks at Ben's flabby arms* What muscles?
Ben: Grrrr. Hold on. (Draws picture)

Ben: There, muscles.
Ben: What? What could be so funny about that incredibly seductive picture I just drew?
Darlene: Well for one, your muscular self looks more like a moose's head. And two,

Darlene: You couldn't even hide your fat while drawing your fantasy self.



That sure hurts your ego badly. LOL.


Hey... Isn't honesty one of the things a girl looks for in a man? *wink*



I just drop by to confirm with all of u tat the pic in the blog is the ORIGINAL Version !

I think u dun need to put the red arrows at the belly part la, coz everyone will sure notice that becoz of the size!

Plus,u dun need to learn la...coz u r already a gifted artist who know how to describe himself in drawing honestly.

So, appreciatte ur talent !

*thumbs up*


what's the link anyway? *grin*


It's more a splashing water to me, but... What's the link?


jason: that's what women do.

cy: well, there's honesty and there's.. stupidity :(

daknight (darlene): so damn sarcastic. i taught you too much.

pinksterz: it's actually a friend of ours. so, cannot give :D

wong: you're a dude. you shouldn't be asking for the link. heheh.

Cen Ni

it looks more like a US buffalo head.. but nice try la Ben
* pats on the back *

didn't notice the fat tummy..

-Princess Shin-

Oooh.. poor thing. Haha.. I can't draw well on MSN either. Just can't control the mouse properly. >.<

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