Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cool Guys Greet Like This

With the guys, when we're close enough, instead of the usual "Hello, how are you?" we tend to greet each other in a more friendlier manner. Take today for instance, on our way to class we bumped into Ah Guat who was studying at the faculty patio:

Ah Guat: Hello guys!
Normie: (Shows the finger)
Ah Guat: Why must you show me the finger whenever we meet around faculty? There are people watching!
Normie: Because it's cool.
Ah Guat: No it's not! We are university students, leaders of tomorrow. We should be good role models and act like civilised human beings. How would you like it if you saw our Prime Minister showing the finger on the news?

(Ben walks by)

Ah Guat: Hello Ben!
Ben: (Stops in front of Ah Guat. Shows both fingers.)
Ah Guat: Aaaw man.

Would be cool though to see Pak Lah flip someone off.



Why must it always be about showing the finger? Can't u guys be more creative???


qi wei, so do you suggest showing the representation of the finger instead huh?


Well, not exactly. It's just that we have 10 fingers and creativity can work wonders with them all, instead of using the usual middle one.

Cen Ni

finger? aduh that's so high school wan. ~_~ Qiwei perhaps can give example to Ben and the rest of his gang :-)

Joash Chan

gosh I'm not cool... sad...


Aah...sign language..

Gotta love it.


qiwei: we did try. butt smacking is just gay.

mrbherng: "Hello! *strip*" yeah i can see it catching on.

cen ni: i never greeted ppl in high school like that. i was not cool. WAS.

joash chan: you should try it!

esee: that will be the only sign language i know.


Heyy... Bennn!!



im ck
u spoiled our image la..
actually wat ben wote in his blog, not exactly true!!
only he show finger!!
we all good guys and not yet influence by ben


ck: bullshit! YOU show the most finger ah among our gang!

Joash Chan

you won't believe the number of times I do - in my heart...

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