Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's Valentine's Day Again?!

(In the room)
Ben: It's the Chinese Valentines Day today.
Kim: Yeah.
Ben: I heard that single gals go out to the docks tonight to throw oranges with their handphone numbers written on it for single guys to pick them up.
Kim: I think it's a very silly way to pick up chicks.
Ben: Pick up an orange, get a soulmate the next day. I think it's beautiful.
Kim: Hmph. What do you think of Speed Dating?
Ben: Get to know 20 women in one hour. I think it's beautiful.
Kim: How about Vietnamese Brides?
Ben: A perfect wife for a reasonable price. I think it's beautiful.
Kim: Prostitution?
Ben: *Long dreamy sigh*
Kim: ...
Ben: What?
Kim: You need help, seriously.

I wanna go to the docks!! What if.. my soulmate's orange is left floating on the sea just waiting for me to pick it up and I DON'T! Kim is right, I DO need help. Someone please HELP ME get to the docks tonight! Soulmate dear, I am coming!



Go go! Quickly~!!


Good luck in finding her!! :P


Throw the orange with ur msn address on it la! It's the 20th century..hehe

Cen Ni

how about online dating? Go subscribe. I support!


cy: I DIDN'T! -SOBS-

jessica: i would need a lot more than luck :(

eve: better throw a huge fruit like a watermelon with my blog address on it.

cen ni: that's like, so low ... which service should i use?


u seriously need help Ben!


clare: know anyone that can?


watermelon? sure tenggelam one in the water.

so desperate one ka?


hmm.. i wonder if tossing in a whole crate of oranges would swing things in my favour a bit ;)


Lol how about a cheer team? Maybe I could just directly give you my orange? XD a friendly one leh =P

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