Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mamak & Weight Watching

Adrian and I are proud to say that we've consistently attended gym 3 times already this week. Sceptics are getting worried that we might actually be serious about this body building program of ours. Yeah I said it. Body building. At first it was all about eliminating the tummy but after going to gym several times and seeing the many other gym goers with their super sized pex, I felt.. small. It ain't a good feeling.

It's also a little embarrassing to work your sets while they are watching. Seems like everyone in the gym is doing weights of 70-80kg. So when it's my turn to lift the weights and I set it to about 20-30kg (and grunt while lifting them), it feels like everyone in the room are about to burst into laughter and the only thing stopping them are their gigantic abdominal muscles that are pushing against their mouth. Sigh. That's when I swore in 2 months time, I would be so buffed up that The Hulk would see me on the streets and say to himself, "Damn, I am getting fat!"

The thing about this body building 'program' is Adrian and I have become more conscious of our eating habits. Two meals a day ONLY, no snacking in between, drink lots of water, consume more protein and calcium, this and that. We also made a pact to point each other out whenever we deviate from the said eating habits:

(Ben walks into Adrian's room, catches him snacking on Twisties)
Adrian: Er.. I.. was sniffing my food. Mmm~ smells good. Here you want some? I know you want to. Let this be our little secret.
Ben: Secret from who?
Adrian: Secret from our bodybuilder self. Quick, mine is sleeping.

Adrian is obviously having problems sticking to the diet. Things even got a bit complicated when we were out for mamak yesterday night for supper:

(In a mamak stall)
Waiter: What do you want?
Adrian: I want teh tarik, two roti telur and two roti planta.
Ben: Hey, we're not even supposed to be eating anything right now!
Adrian: Fine. Just get me a teh tarik and a roti planta.
Ben: (Stares)
Adrian: Just teh tarik.
Ben: Teh tarik is milky and fattening.
Adrian: What are you, my fucking dietician?!
Ben: But..
Adrian: Fuck you! This is a mamak session damn it. A MALAYSIAN CULTURE where people of all races gather to eat and drink fatty foods while watching a game of football on a huge ass projector! And YOU of all people, are not going to take that away from me! Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya..

Waiter: ....
Ben: Ignore him.
Waiter: And what would you like?

Ben: Just a glass of water.
Adrian: (Points) You are so un-Malaysian! Oi guys, BEN IS BUSH!

It's going to be a long and painful 2 months.

Side Note: A big thank you to Princess Shin for mentioning my site in her meme. Unfortunately, I try to avoid doing memes because I don't want to disturb the flow of my posts. Yala I know it's silly but... I AM a silly boy (smile) Don't worry though, I'll always take time to acknowledge them on my bloggie. So go visit Princess Shin's blog now!! Also visit Pinksterz's blog. She tagged me before too :D



LOL. and adrian is the osama laden is it? haha.

-Princess Shin-

Wow... you are serious about this weight loss thingy! haha... Keep up the good work! =)

I have just taged you! Hope u like it!


*hysterical laughter*


*tries to stifle hysterical laughter*

BTW, drink a glass of raw eggs (about two) every morning. Protein mar.. If you are ever so serious about this though.


Wow! U can quit UTM and be a fitness instructor!


I have a thing to say...bout gym!
The weight that you carrry on the thing doesnt matter much for the moment. That's coz u need to build up your muscles first.

It really depends you not sure what type u are endo morph or what...

Really depends if ure trying to loose weight, or build muscles ... coz if ure trying to loose a bit of weight and u wanna build ur muscles u need to do ur weights correctly. The amount of weight that u carry at this stage isnt that significant.

Those who carry really heavy weight have already established what they have and now perhaps they r just tonin their muscles.

errr kinda complicated. My personal trainer told me lotsa stuffs! hard to explain ler..

just one thing! do ur weights .. 25 - 30 kg! the most important thing is its not how heavy u do it, its how often u do it - ur muscles will gain its size and do the workout for urself! without u having to do much.

dude.. u got MSN? can explain better there..mine is on my profile.


pinksterz: adrian is kim jung il.

princess shin: i linked you in this post. hope YOU like it :D

deng: Adrian suggested that. So gross la. I like my eggs cooked! He even suggested protein shakes.

qiwei: they see my tummy also dun wan to hire me alrdy :(

shaz: u have a personal trainer? then i MUST listen to you. haha.

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