Monday, February 12, 2007

I Don't Stereotype Women

I went shopping with my mom and little sis yesterday at Midvalley to get some clothes for the Chinese new year. Fun time with the family:

(At Ayamas, having lunch)
Ben: (Facing the entrance, staring at the hoards of people passing by)
Bernice: You look like a jakun. Stop staring.
Mom: I'm going to the toilet.
Ben: Looking at the many KL chicks passing by, I have come to one conclusion about them.
Bernice: And what conclusion might that be, oh great one?
Ben: KL chicks wear lots of make-up.
Bernice: It is so typical of you to stereotype women.
Ben: No I don't.
Bernice: Yes you do.

(Continues eating)

Mom: (Returns while lugging four bags of CNY biscuit)
Bernice: Mom, I thought you went to the toilet?!
Mom: I did. Then on my way there, I saw this word 'SALE' and I just had to buy them. Four for RM24, SO CHEAP! Bernice, I also saw the cutest pair of shoes on my way back. Later we go see!
Bernice: Really?! Hurray for shoes!

I swear I try not to. They just make it too easy.

Side note: I went to the Valentines Charity Event with Eve and her buddies yesterday. Reza Salleh rocked the house! Other performances were so-so only la. Anyway, the highlight on the night was when they told us that Laundry Bar donated RM1000 to the cause. Now THAT is cool! Pictures here.



Hola! Nice meeting you. I've seen your name somewhere before, not sure which blog, though for some reason I didn't click. Hilarious conversations you have!


albert: Yeah i know. I wouldn't click on a link named 'Sewjin' either if i was you. Heheh.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by :D


soft touch...hahaha


Why you like to stare at girls' faces instead of... nvm


Ah, good for the Charity Event, wish ppl would do social more often, I think it's more satisfying to help others :-)

hehe.. women and the big word SALE.
No comment *cough* I do admit...

Btw, CY was saying staring at .. what? * scratches her unitchy head *


Friend: Frowns at me
Me: What did I say?
Friend: Don't strereotype girls. No good lah!
Me: Bbbut, some of it is true, if not, why would we have them in the first place?
Friend: Continues frowning. Then goes on to talk about the cute guy they saw at the mall.


*nudges Cenni* Stare at... you know I know enough lah xD


one pair of shoes is never enough. did you know that?LOL.

what cenni and cy know that i don't know? *innocent*


eve: uuurggh. don't get me started on that hippie group.

cy: i have a face fetish. no i'm not kidding. i am all for pretty faces.

cenni: cy was talking about jugs, boobs, breasts. :D

chrizsim: told you they make things easier for us. haha!



Great. Now we're getting stereotyped, for sure.

So before it's too late, let's set the record straight...

We're not perverts! We're men! Lol lol xD




But.. But.. We cant help it. Oh, we've tried alright ;)


Same here xD

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