Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blood & Valentines Day

My 5th podcast. I didn't abandon this project.. yet. Yay!

Blood & Valentines Day



You must have been mistaken. If you like looking at pussies, you become a vet, not an O.B.G.Y.N. lol lol.

Btw, I thought a "vagina doctor" sees more blood than, say, your average doctor?


Nice to hear a podcaster from Malaysia..

Keep up the good work yea!


cy: you got me there. i just wanted to say vagina :D

myproblogger: yo thanks man!


I guess you can only relive your dreams in GTA. Hmm..it's definitely against medical ethics to hook up with your patient.

Wan Yean

oi pity those with dial up connections la. jerk.


uhm ok I don't get this... vagina doctor? you meant gynecologist?

* cough *

raging hormons *points at CY and Benjamin * ^^


Yes, Cenni? Would you like a full-body checkup? ;)

Hold her clothes, Dr. Ben. ^^

bubbly soda

lol don't shoot yourself! Let's wreck his grave.

btw, wan yean is feeling the dial up pain. hahahha


chrizsim: screw ethics. you should use that medicine degree to screw some chicks!

wanyean: 2.58 mb only la, click and wait. click and wait.

cenni: u understand gynaecologist but not vagina doctor?

cy: YOU hold her clothes. VAGINA HERE I COME! *wipes saliva off mouth*

melly: yes, we all like to see wanyean in pain. heheh.


Hmmf. Fine!

*takes Cenni's clothes from Dr. Ben and promptly hides them*

Dr. Ben, isn't it your break time already? *evil grin*


LOL. Boys. Vivid imagination.

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