Thursday, February 15, 2007

Women & Arguments

(At a Chinese restaurant)
Ben: Mmm. It's been a while since I've eaten fish.
Bernice: It's sad that you find everything here new.
Ben: J'aime manger des poissons.
Bernice: ...
Ben: How's that for something new?
Bernice: So you can speak a little French, big deal.
Ben: Vous êtes un idiot.
Bernice: Stop it.
Ben: Je vous ai appelé un imbécile.
Bernice: I mean it.
Ben: Non? Oui? Non? Oui?
Bernice: Aaaargh, shut up you.. you ULUKAPATA!
Ben: ... What does that mean?
Bernice: Not gonna tell you.
Ben: Like I care.

(Later that night)

Ben: 'Ulu' means old.. so what does 'kapata' mean? Hm.... WHAT THE HELL DOES ULUKAPATA MEAN?!

I think it's Tamil, someone please help. Anyway, that's the power the opposite sex have over words. It doesn't matter how many sentences you berate them with, all they need to do is just say that one short, nonsensical word, and you're a goner:

(Argument between a guy & girl)
Guy: I come home from a stressful 9 to 5 job everyday! Of course, I expect you to at least pamper a little! But you never do! YOU NEVER DO! I come home and all you do is nag, nag, NAG!
Girl: ...
Guy: Well what do you have to say for yourself?
Girl: Duck. (walks away)
Guy: What, that's it?! THAT'S ALL YOU CAN SAY?

(Later that night)

Guy: She poisoned the duck. I had duck a week ago. I'm gonna die.



Woo woo! You caught your Band 6-ster off guard outside her playing field. Lol.

I got the answer. Ulu = old. Kapata = kapitan, which is old Malay for Captain. So she called you an "Old Captain" -- it's a compliment! :)




cy: bernice isn't the band 6-er. it's the other sister :D

really ah? old captain? i find that so hard to believe.

sxydevil: girls sure say nice la. haha.


one thing i learnt is that you never win an arguement with girls. ulukapata sounds like a place in africa. :)

Wan Yean

ulukapata means you're silly enough to actually think that it's a word and i've got u worked up for that long? hahaha and you call urself an undergrad.

it's latin.


What I find funny is that you were actually saying things like "You are an idiot... No? Yes? No? Yes?" and Bernice actually thought you were saying something deep xD

About the ulukapata thing, hate to burst your bubble but for all we know, wanster could be right (for once :P)


hahaha Ben aren't you a cutie? LOL


that sounds strangely like an ahwulallah which is a word I made up in uni.

omg. i commented. aren't you honoured? wohohoho.

oyeah your podcast sounds like those story tapes i use to have that tells the tale of peter rabbit or something. only your's more vulgar. x)


simon: do tell about your experience. haha.

wanyean: no it's not latin! it is tamil i tell you. i thought you know a little?

cy: wanster is never right. i am. i am!

cenni: -blush-

melia: very honoured :p i can't believe you have story telling tapes. do you listen them to sleep when you were young?


btw, ulukapata is not tamil. its punjabi or hindi.

and well, u were being called Son of a fool! LOlz.


so if what sxy-devil said is true, means wrong person being insulted XDXD


i fail as being half punjabi. but i did remmeber an old fat punjabi lady screaming this once. and i think it means stupid idiot :D

p.s dont rely on my info :O


sxydevil: THANK YOU!

gianne: same goes for all the "son of a.." insults.

natasha: don't worry. I'm a banana.


neither ulu or kapata are latin words... no latin words have a "K" in them


soon: i take it you know latin?

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