Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nelson Mandela Advocates Truancy

So it's Tuesday afternoon. It's hot, we're sweaty, there's a power outage in our area, and we are in no mood whatsoever to go for this afternoon's lecture. Unfortunately, it is today that we have to present our project findings:

(At home)
Ben: Dude, it's time to go to class.
Adrian: I wanna skip.
Ben: There's a presentation today!
Adrian: Our entire campus is suffering from a power outage since this morning. How am I going to do my PowerPoint presentation?
Ben: There's this thing called a 'whiteboard'.
Adrian: I'm allergic to the smell of marker pen inks.
Ben: You are?
Adrian: Nope, but do you think our lecturer would buy it?
Ben: I highly doubt it.
Adrian: Or, I could say it's against my principle to use a whiteboard.
Ben: Huh?
Adrian: You know, because it's racist.
Ben: Elaborate.
Adrian: See, we are always writing with BLACK markers on a WHITE board but here's the thing, no matter how much we write, there will always be more whites than blacks on the entire board! Day after day, we are subtly reminded of the dominance of white people over the blacks. Why don't you just write a huge sign on every whiteboard that reads, "APARTHEID ROCKS!"
Ben: ...
Adrian: And don't get me started on the rule where the lecturers must CLEAN OFF everything on the whiteboard after each class. So after the minorities have performed their duty, you just get rid of them?! I say every time if you want a clean board, switch the whole damn thing! In fact, switch it to multi-coloured board!
Ben: Multi-coloured boards would be hard to write on.
Adrian: *GASP* You're one of THEM!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm hanging out with the wrong bunch of friends.

Side note: Head on over to the prom night story for some newly uploaded pictures and videos. Just scroll to the bottom of the post.



you know, i've never quite looked at it that way before. students of govt schools are quite against the apartheid movement eh? afterall, dont they use a blackboard and write in white chalk instead? ;)

your posts are fun to read btw.


jen: I told Adrian and he said, "they're green not black!" Sigh. The kid has issues.


Hahaha, you are good!


Ditto from Eve.

They should give you a Best Humour Award, or something.

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