Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Dare Not Go Home

My dad left an SMS this afternoon, telling me to call him after class. It sounded urgent so I immediately hit speed dial as soon as my last period was over:

(Someone picks up the phone)
Bernice (baby sis): BENNY BOY!!
Ben: I don't want you.
Bernice: You're evil benny boy.
Ben: Where's dad?
Bernice: Dad is cooking right now. Please leave a message after the beep. "Beeeeeep" I'm an answering machine!
Ben: You're fantasizing again, aren't you?
Bernice: Fanta.. what? What's the F-word you said?
Ben: Just look up that F-word in a dictionary and stop doing it. And tell dad to call me back when he's done cooking.

(Half an hour later, my phone rang)
Ben: Hello?
Dad: I read in the news that Johor is flooded again. Did it affect your place?
Ben: Nope, it's just focused on Kota Tinggi. Skudai and even JB is perfectly fine.
Dad: So... how did your prom night go?
Ben: Well the food sucked and the programs sucked. And..
Dad: No, I mean did you get to meet any girls there?
Ben: Nope.
Dad: You didn't even take the initiative to talk to at least one?
Ben: Nah, they were all attached.
Dad: Take photos with them?
Ben: Dad, I didn't make any sort of contact with the opposite sex during prom night.
Dad: Ok fine. Then do you if it's possible for me to adopt a grandchild?
Ben: Why does it have to be me?! Maybe Bernice could bear your first grandchild.
Dad: (Looks at Bernice) (Bernice: Daddy, kor kor is right. From now on, I'm never doing the F-word again. Never ever, ever, ever!)
Ben: No.. she.. I..
Dad: -click-


-Princess Shin-

u almost gave me a fright! I thought wat happen.. haha.. i should have known better! =P


lols that sounded..erm..disturbing. hahaha

Hui Sen

Tsk Ben. The pressure to perform is overwhelming.

Tell your dad he's lucky. He has hope. My dad is in grandpa limbo. My sister is married but doesn't want children. I'm 33 this year and nowhere near getting married let alone have kids.

I can almost imagine him griping to my mum, "I knew we should have had one more kid!"


princess shin: knew some would be caught with the title. haha.

muffinsoup: disturbing? me? that's like saying the sky is blue :D

hui sen: that part about your sister not wanting to have kids.. i'm intrigued.


So what if they're attached?

Seriously, Ben, not even one photo??!

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