Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Hate Little Birds

2 days ago, we were walking back to our house when something caught our eyes. It was a really young and fat bird hopping around the road. It was SO CUTE! We don't know what bird it was exactly but we all knew what we had to do right there and then; catch it, put it in a cage, make it fatter overtime, release it and see if it could still hop around with its tiny feet OR just tumble and roll torturously around the ground.

Don't call the SPCA just yet though because the tiny bird immediately flew away when Adrian slowly crept towards it. Guess you would flee for your life too if you saw 5 young adults grin menacingly at you. But since the bird was young, it had considerable trouble taking to the skies. After it wobbled around the air for a while, the bird lost control and slammed right into the neighbour's window. "Bang!".

There it was, a bruised young bird limping around the neighbour's backyard and there we were, 5 undergrads rolling on the floor laughing like amused hyenas. How is it not funny to see the bird think its reflection would dodge for its real oncoming self?! Since the bird was in the neighbour's yard and out of reach, we're left with nothing to do after but to go home.

Karma bit back. That night, I dreamt that the birdie grew 3 stories tall and had all five of us held firmly in one of its claws. Then it started throwing us one by one at a really distant target, it was too far to see what it was. My turn finally came and I was hurled with tremendous force at a.. hold on, I'm quickly approaching the target and it's a.. HOLY SHIT IT'S A WALL OF NAILS! I woke up right before one of the piece was going to pierce my eyes.

The next day I did what most people would do in my situation. I snuck into my neighbour's yard looking for the bird with chloroform in one hand and a cleaver in the other. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the damn bird!! So I switched to plan B. I wrapped cottons around a nail and stared at it for 5 minutes everytime before I go to bed. Heh, that'll show em'.


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