Thursday, January 18, 2007

Adrian Is Fat

We were all having dinner together and as usual, Adrian finished first. Unsatiated, he went over to a Siew Pau hawker stall to get what he calls, 'desserts'. Siew Pau folks, is a bun filled with pork. When someone you know calls meat a dessert, you know you have with you a troubled friend:

(While Adrian was munching down on his Siew Pau)
Normie: (reaches over to rub Adrian's tummy)
Adrian: ...
Normie: Dude, you are getting fatter.
Adrian: First of all, DO NOT do that in public ever again! And secondly, I am not getting fatter. So what if I'm eating more lately? I'm still maintaining my body weight you know.
Ben: You broke your chair yesterday.
Adrian: Ok fine, maybe I am a getting a little heavier but at least I'm not THAT heavy (pointing to a really obese guy passing by our table).
Ben: Holy crap, you look like Calista Flockhart next to him.
Adrian: No kidding.
Ben: But that could be you in 3 months if you keep up this new found eating habit of yours.
Adrian: Yeah right.
Ben: Seriously, he might turn around and notice you with your Siew Pau. Then he'd approach you to give a piece, "Dude, I was as thin as you 2 months ago, but then I started eating.. that."
Adrian: ... do you want my Siew Pau?
Ben: You bought your coffin, now lie in it yourself.



OMG! you actually know who is Calista Flockhart!


eve: AND i watch sex and the city. my choice of tv shows are quite feminine :D

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