Friday, January 19, 2007

The Air Freshener Dilemma

It was yet another hot day and because of that, I couldn't nap properly. Fed up, I got up from bed and went straight into the bathroom to shower. But when I got out, a funny smell seemed to have engulfed the room:

Ben: *sniff* *sniff* Dude, did Calvin Klein enter our room and explode?
Kim (Roommate): I am so sorry about that. A dump truck stopped right in front of our house for a good 5 minutes. The smell got really nauseating so I discharged a generous amount of air freshener.
Ben: And what are you sorry?
Kim: See, at first I thought the smell came from you. So I kinda, sorta focused most of the discharging.. on your bed.
Ben: You did what?!
Kim: You ARE notoriously known for your BO. I saw you getting up from bed with sweat all over your body and automatically assumed the smell came from you.
Ben: But that still doesn't give you the right to carpet bomb my bed with half a can of air freshener!!
Kim: I'm sorry but the smell was really bad! It isn't after I heard the dump truck pull away that I realised my mistake.
Ben: *sniff* Gawd, even the powerpuff girls would wear gas masks to sleep on my bed now. *sniff* On second thought, this isn't so bad.
Kim: It isn't?
Ben: Think about it. This would actually save me a lot of time from putting on deodorant. In fact if there's enough, I could just roll on my bed whenever I feel dirty and avoid showering ALTOGETHER! Genius! (Proceeds to spray more of Kim's air freshener on his bed).
Kim: Your head broke a lot of falls when you were younger, didn't it?


Hui Sen

It's nice that you watch the powerpuff girls Ben. Men are always encouraged to get in touch with their feminine side. I always say it's much better to find the child inside instead!

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