Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Extinction of Idioms

Nobody uses idioms anymore around here. It's understandable actually. I had a lecturer once who overuses idioms and it didn't feel comfortable at all having to sit through an hour of her quote-fest:

(In class)
Lecturer: And that's how you solve this equation, easy as one-two-three! *happy glee*
Ben: [You cannot be serious.]
Lecturer: Now I'm going to divide you all into groups with only 3 person per group. As they say, too many cook spoils the soup! *rainbow and sunshine*
Ben: [Run!] Maam, may I be excused?
Lecturer: Be sure to kill two birds with one stone in there. *winks*
Ben: What does it take you to stop?! 50 bucks? My bank book? I know, MY SOUL! -rips heart out then dies-
Lecturer: Class, he is as dead as a doornail. *giggles*

Yes I know. Maybe she was just trying to help improve our vocabulary but still, it feels like I'm being fed with an overdose of happy everytime she quotes a saying. Idioms are used to pass a message to someone without using direct and sometimes hurtful words. But when you're so used to getting your messages across in this manner:

Ben: If I don't pass this test I won't get my 15% and I won't get that extra 2 marks and then I won't be able to pass my exams!
Adrian: You are stupid.
Ben: Don't you mean I'm making a mountain out of a molehill?
Adrian: No, you're making a stupid out of a stupid.

It gets hard to see past the happy.

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I am so sorry about the double ping at PPS


hey, just wanna say...

isnt the idiom: too many cooks spoil the BROTH?? not soup, right?

hmm. *scratches head*


potato - potatoh :D


lol that's a good entry..your lecturer actually spit all those idioms out? wow..i think she's teaching the wrong subject :P


Haha, cool entry I guess...


mischique: she gargled, spat it on her hand and rubbed it in my face :D

theangel: thanks. hello angel, it's been a while!

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