Sunday, August 20, 2006

Reversing 15 Years Of Malaysian Education

I remember once, my dad was on the PC doing his work and I was on my laptop with the speaker at full blast:

(Me clicking rapidly)
Laptop: "You call to me?"
Laptop: "Why have I been summoned?"
Laptop: "How long must I suffer?"
Laptop: "You brought me back?"

Krobelus sure does ask a lot of questions. Anyway if you haven't figure it out yet, I'm talking about Dota. A brilliant Warcraft III mod that has taken the online gaming world by storm. Unfortunately, my dad doesn't quite agree:

Dad: Explain to me what's the object of this game.
Ben: Well to put it simply, we just have to destroy the opponent's main artifact -pointing to the artifact-
Dad: So go destroy it.
Ben: I can't, they'll kill me before I can reach the artifact. We have to kill them first. That's why we have to buy all these items and stuff. I got Sange & Yasha already! *pumps fist*
Dad: Son, who is the current PM of Malaysia?
Ben: George Bush bin something..

He seems to think that this game is so childish, it's actually reversing 15 years of my exam oriented Malaysian education which by the way, isn't so bad. I would run off into the jungle, wear tiger skin as briefs and learn to speak with ants! Why ants? Because they're small and sneaky and I could use them to get answers from the smartest guy in the exam hall, wherever he may sit! ... DAMN IT!!

I know, nothing can reverse this "one exam, one score, one future" mindset the ministry ever so subtly rubbed on us. Not even dota.





Ah... Dota. We were pretty crazy about that last year. I sorta got over it because after awhile it became way too repetitive. Everybody found that they could pretty much predict the outcome of a game with competent players on the basis of characters chosen. Still, can't say they weren't fun times though...

If you do want more of a challenge, try playing the Outland variant of Dota. However, the lack of updates and the increasingly apparent bugs got me shelving that as well.

Anyways, well done on taking something trivial like Dota and linking it to 15 years of exam-intensive educational doctrine.

I'll probably be expecting some flack now... using the words "Dota" and "trivial" in the same sentence is a call for backlash.

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