Friday, August 18, 2006

5 Guys And A Lesson On Housekeeping

Five boys living in one double storey house is never good news. Besides the huge possibility that one of us will turn gay (Kim for sure), there's also a chance that this house will turn into one large pig stye by the end of this month. Even our definition of a rubbish bin is "anywhere not visible". Who wants to take out the trash when all you need to do to get rid of something is by dumping it under the bed or slotting it into a tiny hole; kitchen sink, open pipes, our bed posts.

We're so lazy, I wouldn't be suprised if we shoved our trash right up into our own bodily orifices. Nostrils and ear holes are out because apparently it's still visible, leaving us with only ONE very uncomfortable choice (That's two for the girls, lucky them).

So Adrian, being the 'cleanest' among all 5 of us decided to make a duty roster. Quotes given because this is the same guy who dug his own nose crap and gave it to my hamster as food. Anyway, we're talking about getting 5 really lazy butts to each take turns cleaning the ENTIRE house once a week. Here is the huge notice stuck on our living room wall. Of course there had to be insentives:

(Click for larger image)

You don't get it? Here is Ahmeng's birthday video. Hopefully the use of excessive profanity and a death threat will at least get us to hold a broom, even for a second.

Someone new added me into her daily reads! I'm returning the favour.



what?! me turning gay?!what makes u think i'm turning gay?! u urself might be turning gay! experts say that if ur ring finger is longer than ur index finger, then u r gay!Look at ur looooong ring finger! who's gay now , huh!


ROFL. Thank god we didn't have to resort to death threats or threats of any sort although there *were* long faces and bitching behind the backs. I prefer you guys' way. Straight off. LOL

Wan Yean

if kim is gay, and he is ur room mate, hmmmm.... do the math.

well kim is not into the L word! i think he is somehow turning to the crooked side...

here's an experiment: try getting him to dwnload will and grace season 1. see if he likes it.


I wonder what will happen to my house next year(academic year).... 4 guys and all from different parts of the world thus different culture...hmmm.....


LOL LOL i get it even before the link to the video. LOL LOL .laughing out loud for real. cute lah u all:)


kim: finally u using your real name to post a comment!

leenmafia: make long face or bitch then we'll have to celebrate their weddings too.

wan yean: u keep making kim download all those gay and lesbo shows, sure he'll turn gay la!

mrbherng: not much difference, there's still NO girls.

jayelle: cute? you should see us when we argue. Very warm and cuddly :D


phentermine nice :)

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