Thursday, June 15, 2006

Going Back To KL & Then Some

I'm finally going back to KUALA LUMPUR this Saturday! If everything goes according to plan of course. 19 days of lecturer-less, assignment-less, deadline-less semester break holiday, here I fucking cum! Oh.. oh.. *wipes crotch clean*

As exciting as it sounds, one reason makes me dread semester breaks; PACKING. To make matters even worse, we're moving hostels (3km away from previous one) next semester. So we each have to actually pack AND move about 6 boxes of clothing, books and more books before we return to our hometowns.

*Sigh* It's never smooth sailing over here in UTM so why bother getting all worked up about this one little thing, right?

On a slightly more happier note, this afternoon, after an entire day spent hunting for boxes (for packing), we went yam cha at McDs and this funny conversation came up:
(Don't know Adrian & Kim? Read the Characters post!)

How are you going to move your stuff tomorrow?
Adrian: My good roommate will help me one!
Ben: Yes, yes.
Kim: No Ben, forget your roommate. Think of your banana friend first, help me.
Ben: Yes, yes.
Adrian: Ah, then I don't fetch you (Ben) to faculty with my motorbike next sem.
Ben: Yes, yes.
Kim: Don't worry Ben, I got car.
Ben: Yes, yes.
Adrian: Ben, ben, you want food? *Makes clicking sound*
Ben: Yes, yes.

Oh look my self-dignity being run over by a four year old on a tricycle. Yes, yes.

This Malay poem written by my friend Darlene is cool!



Wan Yean

you liar. you've got 8 boxes HUGE ones in total and you wrote 6? where's your dignity, integrity, blogger??

bubbly soda

Good Luck *saying in a monotonous voice* ahahaha... have fun during holidays!

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