Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Local Undergraduates Losing Respect

When the first Malaysian university, Universiti Malaysia was founded, there was so much hype about it. Even high school students who managed to further their studies there were given the title, Mahasiswa or Great Undergraduate. You were really treated like adults. You were allowed to do your researchs and roam the campus as you please. Education was fun and carefree. Back then, it was great to be a Great Undergraduate.

As the years pass, the term Mahasiswa was downgraded to just Siswa or Undergraduate. I mean it's understandable right? One reason is that entries into local universities are getting easier because scoring As in SPM or STPM is becoming a piece of cake. So much so that it isn't whether you could score As, it's how many As you can actually score. What's the most recent one? 17As? Siao.

Another reason is that some students who feels that the Malaysian education are holding them down prefer to further their studies abroad. Students who know what's good for them and dare to change, there goes our real futures of tomorrow. To rub even more salt into the wound is the introduction of matriculation colleges letting any tom, dick and harry gain easy entry into our local Malaysian universities.

The quality of local undergrads have greatly deteriorated over the years and the university staff knew that. That is why they are starting to control their undergrads with all kinds of silly restrictions and curfews. Adult privilege? HA HA FUCKING HA! Just recently, I found out that we don't even deserve the title, Siswa anymore.

Pelajar of course means Students

I will not be suprised if 10 years from now we would all be forced to stand up in attention and greet the lecturer, "Selamat Pagi Profesor" during the start of every class. Then he'd sit us down, "Murid-murid, sila duduk". Yes, murid-murid.


bubbly soda

Ouch... No wonder most of the grads are leaving M'sia. I can see the relevance of it. hehehe

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