Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Betting On World Cup

Betting during the World Cup is like Mahathir lashing out Badawi's reign; they are both are sure bound to happen. I for one haven't betted on any matches yet. Actually, I don't think I'm ever gonna because I'm that guy who thinks that Roy Keane is still captaining Manchester United and Gabriel Batistuta is still playing for Argentina. But my friends did:

(After the japan/aussie game)
Ahmeng: Hahaha! RM10 babe!
Kim: Nooooo!
Ahmeng: Want to bet on the czech/usa match?
Kim: Don't want! You cheat me one!
Ahmeng: *Wide grin*

(Meanwhile in another room)
Friend: Stupid Jap morons! What were they doing?!
Ben: Let me guess, you betted too.
Friend: Yala! No worries, I'll try to win them back on the czech/usa game. Please don't tell my mum about all this ok.
Ben: How much did you lose?
Friend: 2 packs of maggi!
Ben: Hah...

(A few minutes later)
Ahmeng: I have a problem la Kim.
Kim: What?
Ahmeng: I just don't know..
Kim: ...
Ahmeng: what to do with your RM10! WAHAHAHA!!

Gotta love them World Cup after-shows :)

The Characters post updated!


bubbly soda

WTH... My mum encouraged me to bet with my kiddo brother... and the trade is sweets... hahahah... bettings and football...

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