Friday, June 16, 2006

Horse Riding In UTM

The results are in and guess what I got for my co-curricular activity next semester:


Ben: Wanyean, I got equestrian (horse riding).
Wanyean: ...
Ben: I'm going to call my horse Wanyean.
Wanyean: ...
Ben: Then I'm going to ride it around your hostel.
Wanyean: ...
Ben: Round and round and round..

Next sem, I will look so damn cool riding like this!:

Come let's ride into the wind!

Wanyean pula hoping I'd end up doing this the entire sem:

Horsekeeping, Horseriding / Tomato, Tomatoh

But I doubt it. It's nice to see your friend Wanyean jealous isn't it?



WanYean is not jealous, you will be exactly doing what she said...for the ENTIRE sem!

btw,im grad from UTM too :P


So WanYean is a "he", sorry.
But it just sounds too... :P


gay? fruitcake? angelish? hahaha!

Wan Yean

ouch. thanks for adding salt to my wounds, whoever you are.

and ben... IF you ever get to ride a horse, remember christopher reeves.

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