Sunday, June 18, 2006

When A Hungry Man Writes A Food Log

I've always wanted to write a food post like this and this. The camera lights reflecting the gravy that's oozing all over some scrumptious looking meat, damn artistic and yummy. So yesterday, when I had my 5 course dinner with my family at the Windmill, I brought along my camera to take a snapshot of the dish I'm having. This is what happened:

(Food arrives)
Ben: Food! *Bites* *Munch* *Burp!*
Ben: Oh ya, camera.

My charbroilled steak, you should have seen it.

I can't help it! I've never had western food in like 6 months! So I tried to set things right again when we went for a chinese restaurant dinner today:

Tiek Pan Tofu (upper left), Ling Mong Zhi (upper right) & Ma Yao Yu (middle). You should have seen them all.

How do you food loggers do it?!


Wan Yean

(those harsh comments are back again..)

the title for this entry should've been "when an ugly, hungry, ugly man writes a food log".



you will impregnate your next girlfriend on the first night.


LOL. I know, you need to control the tempatation and get used to it, taking food pictures before you budge it.

When starting, I always eat halfway only realized I want to take pic.

cheng sim

what the!
u mean, ur at Subang Jaya's Windmill ar? wah lau wah lau. how long will you be in KL?

nah, you should try practising la. snap snap snap than eat eat eat. like Miyagi's wax on and wax off!


Hope you can learn something from her.. ;-)


Oh ya, about the file hoster you asked, Bolt does a good job hosting both audio and video files. Kind of like you tube also.


jason: what to do. kena taught to attack the food as soon as it sits on the table. -sigh-

chengsim: why walao? i'll be going back to UTM on the 8th of July. Not looking forward to it.. yet.

ken: thanx man. i'll check it out.


Haha, I used to try writing one (, but just wasn't as dedicated to it as my other one.

I still have the habit of taking pictures of all my food though...what a waste.

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