Sunday, June 18, 2006

My First Audio Post

My first attempt at audio blogging. To those who know how I really sound like in person, you are NOT allowed to view this post! God I hope I won't regret this. Enjoy:



Do you actually speak like that in real life? good effort though =)

you should have shoved your rusty old samsung phone up his arse


Haha, you sound so cheesy..


yeah i know i do sound a little er... -looking for word- weird la. don't worry i'm not changing Just Sewjin into a radio blog. Just trying it out for fun :)


Nice audiopost. And thanks for defending us East M'sians!

p/s: Man, do you sound old...



ouch! *sob*


you sound funny... hahahaha nice try =)


hey pyin! what did i say about ppl who know how i sound in real life?! *sobs*


eh.. toh..they think you're hot??? hahaha XD

you can't expect them to really like you/your voice for the first time.. these things need time..

don't worry somewhere out there.. i'm sure there's ... someone out there ... who would loveeeeeeee the sound of your voice!?! ^_^


hEY kewl! Now I know how you sound like ^-^

You didn't do anything to your voice right?

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