Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Stared

Stealing glances at beautiful girls that walk by has become such a crucial part of a guy's life ever since puberty hit. That one short second where we have to scan the chick's hair, face, boobs, body cut and legs then turn to your other guy friends and give a 1-10 rating (and a high five).

It is not an easy feat mind you, to look at a girl from top to bottom in less than a second without having the subject or anyone noticing your horny eyes. There are the ones who have perfected the art:

(In a queue, a hot girl passes by)

Normie: Hot girl.

Ben: I see her! I see her!

Normie: Oh man, isn't she so hot?

Ben: Yeah she is. She has really nice-

Queue attendant: Dia dari Thailand.

(Awkward silence)

Normie: Apa?

Queue attendant: Amoi yang kamu dua tengok tu, dia dari Thailand. *wink*

Then there are those who should just take the safe route and turn to Friendster, with anonymous profile viewing turned on.


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