Friday, December 07, 2007

Ouch, My Ego

The first stop of our 5 day vacation was the quaint town of Kampar (again). CK, the host, warmly welcomed us to his hometown with an SMS:


Apparently, our arrival was literally a pain in the ass. For two days, he showed us around the land of beautiful girls, Ipoh. There really isn't much to do there but eat Bean Sprout Chicken and buy lots of Fragrant Biscuits. It was gonna be a dull trip if not for the newly opened waterpark in the city called The Lost World of Tambun.

The waterpark is built by the same people who brought to us Sunway Lagoon. This one was a lot smaller and the rides weren't as crazy. At least I think they weren't as crazy. I guess at 22, most of us have already outgrown the 'waterpark' stage of our lives. Not only are the water slides not fast enough for us, they weren't even FOR us anymore.

Take the park's most intimidating ride for example:




It was a mistake anyway to put two of the heaviest guys in the gang in one tube. No points for guessing.

Next stop, Penang!


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