Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Spanar Holding Handymen

Our lecturer told us today that mechanical engineers are known by other faculties as the most 'gangster' of all engineering courses. Oh yeah, only a real badass would take the time to calculate the required force and the velocity relative to the wind before punching someone in the face. But I guess you can't blame them for the stereotype. Before I landed myself in this course, I had this fixed mindset about each engineering field:

Civil engineers = Road builders.
Electrical engineers = Soldering gun slingers.
Chemical engineers = Witches.
Mechanical engineers = Spanar holding handymen.

Two years into the course, I have only ever held a spanar once (even that was considered a kodak moment). And about the 'handymen' part.. well.. I'm gonna relate a story to you guys. Once upon a time, 2 mechanical engineers attempted to fix up their newly bought washing machine:

(While fixing up the washing machine)

Ben: We should check it first.

Adrian: Ok. [Hits 'spin' button].

Ben: ... Dude, nothing is happening.

Adrian: Hm? [Hits 'spin' button again].

Ben: ... Maybe we need to put water in it.

Adrian: Yeah, we could like 'trick' it into thinking that it has clothes in it.

Normie: I have a better idea.

Ben: Yeah?

Normie: [Points to empty power socket].

I'm supposed to disprove stereotypes on engineers. I don't think I wanna anymore.


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