Saturday, July 28, 2007

Crossing Borders


Ok fine, I exaggerated. Singapore actually looked more like this:


The picket sign and the line indicating dry land would've been considered graffiti in Singapore. Seriously, those guys down there sure know how to keep a city clean. It was my 2nd time crossing the straits, 1st time being when I was only 13 and the only thing I could remember about the city was... absolutely nothing.

How was it? It was like stepping into a time machine and landing back in Malaysia, 100 years after. Everything you wished our country could be, Singapore already IS. At one point while walking around Clarke Quay (Imagine The Curve. Now multiply it by 100.), I was praying someone would just rob me of my passport. Sigh.

When we first arrived at Singapore, I was told to buy an ezlink card. It's kinda like the Touch-N-Go card we have here except it's only used for buses and trains (and definitely a lot easier to reload). Now this was my first transaction using Sing dollars so it was rather awkward:

(At the ezlink counter)

Counter girl: How may I help you?

Ben: I'd like to buy an ezlink card please.

Counter girl: Which one would you like?

Ben: Give me the 15 ringgit one please.

Counter girl: The what?

Ben: I mean, give me the 15 sing dollar one please. [Thinks to self: I sound like a foreigner. I must blend in.] Eh no, what I really mean is I would like the 15 sing one. [15 sing? That doesn't even make sense.] Ah, nonono! I mean, give me the 15...

Counter girl: You want 15 ezlink cards?

Ben: No.. I.. wait.. WANYEAN HELP!

My ego still hurts when I think about that conversation. Aside from that, I'm definitely going over again soon. Anyway, MOS rocked!


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