Sunday, July 01, 2007


Today, the family and I sent my younger sister to uni. Now, Universiti Malaya is a very well known learning institution in Malaysia and I was admittedly jealous when I heard that my sister got a place in accounting over there. Yeah I'm in a public university too but what's UTM compared to UM right?:

(Meeting.. anyone)

Ben: Hi. I'm Ben.

Mark: Oh hello. I'm Mark.

Ben: Where are you studying?

Mark: I study at (insert private college). How about you?

Ben: UTM.

Mark: Where?

Ben: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Mark: Where?

Ben: Skudai, Johor.

Mark: Oh.

Ben: It's a public university.

Mark: Oh. *mentally pins an 'idiot' badge on Ben's forehead*

My sister (Jo), on the other hand, gets a much better response:

Jo: Hi, I'm Jo.

Mark: Where are you studying?

Jo: UM.

Mark: OMFG! UM?! You're like a crazy genius person!

Jo: Thanks.

Mark: Unlike your brother.

But as I said before, I was jealous. Because after driving into her better university, passing by her better faculties, parking in her better parking lot and checking into her better hostel, we finally arrived at her room.

6 undergrads. 1 really tiny room.

If only I could take a picture of all six of the family's horrified faces. There were already 3 families in the room when we got there. All of them were just gloomily sitting around as if waiting for Ashton Kutcher to rush into the room with his camera crew. Unfortunately, that almost never happens when you want it to.

I will never complain about having to share a room in UTM with one other person only, ever.


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