Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Flirty Me

There are a lot of benefits to being a sexily dressed girl. Ok, an explanation is in order. I went to an immigration centre to renew my passport yesterday. Now I sorta expected a frustratingly slow service but as it turned out, the whole renewal process was actually pretty fast.

'Fast' being the operative word here because while it's great being efficiently directed from one counter to next like a fast food drive-thru, it all lacked one thing; rapport. Every counter it was like, "1218!!! Form please. Picture please. IC please. Thumprint please. Next counter. 1219!!!"

It didn't seem like such a big deal to me. That is until this skimpily dressed girl got up to the counter right after me and practically spent 10 minutes getting her form evaluated (it usually takes a minute). Hearing giggles and laughters coming from her side, it was apparent that the counter guy was flirting with her.

Now my gripe here is, why can't the 'normal' people receive the same warm smile and friendly treatment? Does it all have to be about sex? Well if it is, then I might as well join in:

(At an immigration counter)

Ben: Heloooooo~

Counter Girl: Form please.

Ben: Sure~

Counter Girl: Picture please.

Ben: Here. ... It's getting hot, isn't it?

Counter Girl: Sir, I need you to button up your shirt.

Ben: Oops. It came undone on its own.

Counter Girl: Right. IC please.

Ben: Here you go. ... I can't wait for the next process.

Counter Girl: What might that be, sir?

Ben: You grabbing my hands.

Counter Girl: ... why?

Ben: For thumbprints.

Counter Girl: *smile* Sir, here's a special form for you to sign.

Ben: Oh? What for?

Counter Girl: It will reduce your waiting time and get you done with all this immediately.

Ben: I knew you had a thing for me. *signs the paper*

(Ben is immediately dragged out by the authorities for legally admitting to sexual harassment)

It never works the other way.

I updated the About Me section.


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