Thursday, June 28, 2007

Parents & Technology

Parents and technology are like fries and chocolate sundae:

(Mom had a friend over)

Mom: Look at my son's new mp3 player! It's so cute!

Friend: Wow! How many songs can it store?

Mom: No idea.. Son!! How many songs can your mp3 player store?

Ben: One gig.

Mom: It can store one gig of songs.

Friend: Ooh.. How many songs is that?

Mom: ... Son!! How many songs can one gig store?

Ben: About 250.

Mom: It can store about 250 songs.

Friend: Oh that's a lot of songs. Switch it on, I wanna hear it.

Mom: Er... SON!! Where's the 'on' button?

Ben: It's at the bottom right. It's a round rubbery button.

Mom: I can't find it!


Ben: Mom, does the mp3 player you're holding now, have a lot of holes around them?

Mom: Yeah.

Ben: Mom, that's the card reader.

It's actually ok if it mixes but it just looks wrong when they do.


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