Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Business Lesson Learnt

At the start of this semester, 3 of our friends wanted to stay off campus with us. That of course meant that we have to start looking for a bigger house to move in to. It didn't take long to find us a renter:

Adrian: Hello. Is this Mr. Lo?

Mr Lo: Yes.

Adrian: I'm calling to ask about the house you're renting out at Taman Pulai.

Mr Lo: Ah yes.

Adrian: What is the asking price?

Mr Lo: RM800.

Adrian: Can't we go any lower? We really need a cheap house by next week.

Mr Lo: Nope. Take it or leave it.

Adrian: We'll have to think about it first.

A week later, three of our friends decided to stay in campus again due to financial reasons. Adrian then called up Mr. Lo again to call off the house hunt by telling him that we wanted to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, he wouldn't take no for an answer:

Mr Lo: So how about it?

Adrian: We've decided to look somewhere else. Sorry.

Mr Lo: Ok fine. I'll make it RM750.

Adrian: It's still too expensive.

Mr Lo: RM700.

Adrian: Nah, it's ok.

Mr Lo: RM650.

Adrian: No, really.

Mr Lo: RM625.

Adrian: But...

Mr Lo: RM615.

Adrian: Listen here!

Mr Lo: FINE! RM600!

Adrian: WE DON'T WANT THE HOUSE! *click*


Mr Lo: SMS: RM550.

Damn. If only they still wanted to move in with us. I've seen my mom use this 'trick' at pasar malams before. She got a comb of banana that was initially worth RM5 down to RM1. I just find it ironic that to really want something for less, you gotta not want it more.


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