Monday, July 09, 2007

Back In Uni

The 2 month holiday has turned us all into mature adults:

(While all of us were waiting at the faculty walkway)

Ben: So how was your holiday?

York: I just ate, slept and..


(Poses and checks them out as they walk by)

Ben: (Girls walk away) Anyway, what were you saying?

York: Yeah I ate, slept and played a little bit of basketball.

It has gotten us refreshed and all ready to continue with our pursuit for academic excellence:

(Lecture hall)

Ben: I haven't watched Transformers yet.

Wanyean: Oh man you gotta watch it!

Ben: I'm thinking of watching it this Wednesday.

Wanyean: Let's go together!

Ben: But.. you watched it already.

Wanyean: Well, it is THAT good!

Ben: At least you've been to the cinemas. I was stuck at home for the entire 2 months.

Wanyean: Wanna go to Melaka?

Ben: Sure.

Wanyean: Ok, next week then!

Ben: But we have classes.

Wanyean: Let's skip them all.

And more importantly, it has made us all ever that smarter:

(Lecture hall)

Ben: Can't believe it's been 2 months since I last used a pen.

Adrian: Really? Try writing something.

Ben: Ok. *writes*

Adrian: DUDE.

Ben: What's wrong? It says "My pen is black".

Adrian: Absolutely nothing. Now write "My pen is short" and sign your name below it.

Ben: Okie dokie.


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