Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blood Scares Me

Here's an idea on how to encourage people to give some blood to the hospitals:

(Drives past a banner)

Normie: Oh look, a blood donation drive.

Adrian: So?

Normie: Donating blood is good for health you know. I've donated twice. How about you?

Adrian: I can't. I have.. er.. anemia.

Normie: You chicken.

Adrian: I am not. Besides, why donate blood when you can sell it? Hospitals will pay good money for our blood.

Normie: So if they gave you money in exchange for your blood, would you do it?

Adrian: Hell yeah.

Normie: What about your anemia?

Adrian: What about it?

Well, at least it encouraged Adrian.

[Start dream sequence]

Nurse: Sir, I don't think it is possible.

Adrian: Why not?

Nurse: Sir, you already have 4 cannulas inserted into both your arms and your legs. There are no other areas left for us to extract your blood.

Adrian: Heart pumps lots of blood right? Stab one right into it.

Nurse: But... you might die.

Adrian: Will I still get my money?

[End dream sequence]

I myself have never donated blood before for obvious reasons (look at the title). I guess I couldn't even if I wanted to because the last time I had blood extracted from my body, it took the nurse 10 minutes to get one drop of blood onto the sample sheet.

It wasn't fun for the nurse. She was actually grunting and sweating as she was getting stock out of my thumb. It came to a point where she stopped and just stared frustratingly at me. I wanted to tell her, "No sorry. That's my real thumb." but I figured that I shouldn't poke the bear.


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