Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Root For The Home Team

You'd think that 5 Chinese Malaysian undergrads who all got accepted into local university would not only be grateful to the government, but would also no doubt get behind their own country in every step of the way:

(At a mamak stall, the Malaysia - China football game kicks off)

Ben: Malaysia's going down!

Kim: They are playing at Bukit Jalil.
Ben: So?

Kim: So they have home advantage. Look at the number of Malaysian supporters out there tonight.

Ben: China has supporters too AND do you wanna know a secret?

Kim: Yeah?

Ben: Most of them are our own people.

(2 minutes later, China's Wang Dong tested the keeper. The shot was saved.)

In unison: NOOOOOO!!

Adrian: Bah, the Malaysian keeper got lucky.

CK: Don't worry, we'll get the next shot.


Whole mamak: *staring at our table*

As one of the most ethnocentric race in the world, boy do we suck.


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