Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Redang Trip (2/2)

We overslept. The plan was to wake up and watch the sunrise together but seeing as that most of us were exhausted from yesterday's activities, we extended our bed time till 9am. What a waste, would've been quite a sight.

Anyway, today's main activity was *drumrolls* yes you guessed it! SNORKELLING.. AGAIN! But they promised us a different experience this time around. Instead of just coral watching, in this trip, we will actually get to feed the fishes! Now here's the problem, we didn't know we were actually going to feed the fishes until we got there. The activity was called fish watching, so we assumed that we were going to just, well, look at fishes.

Now this would be great if you are fish enthusiasts like these guy:

(Fish passes by)
Fish Enthusiast 1: Oh my god mate, did you see that?! That's a parrot fish!
Fish Enthusiast 2: I know! I know!
Fish Enthusiast 1: It's so beautiful! Look at its colour, they're never the same for every parrot fish.
Fish Enthusiast 2: And the face! It's exactly like a parrot!

But of course, we are not one of them:

(Fish passes by)
Ben: Check out that fish.
Kim: Yeah I saw it.
Ben: What do you think?
Kim: Fried.
Ben: Nah, I think I like it better steamed.

So after 10 minutes of coming up with our very own seafood menu, we got bored and noticed that some of the snorkelers brought bread along the trip to feed the fishes. It looked like fun. We wanted bread to feed the fished too:

(While snorkelling)
Kim: I wanna feed the fishes.
Ben: But we didn't bring our own bread.
Kim: No worries, there's so many bits and pieces of bread floating around for us to use.
Ben: I hate picking up tiny leftovers.
Kim: So what do you suggest we do?

(Ben sees an elderly man standing at the shores, throwing huge chunks of bread into the sea. Ben waits until the man is not looking and then quickly dives in to grab the bread from underneath)

Ben: There! *waves the stolen bread* A huge chunk of bread!
Kim: ...
Ben: What?
Kim: (Swims away)

In my defense, the elderly man threw the bread too close to the shore. Obviously, no fish is going to eat it so I'm actually helping the old man by bringing his bread further away from shore. Don't judge me.

Anyway, feeding the fishes was so much fun. Yeah it was a little scary at first because as soon as you let go of the little piece of bread underwater, schools of fishes will come racing near you to fight for the piece. Once you get used to it though, you can't help but be mesmerised by the different colours of the fishes that's circling around you as they wait for you to feed them.

The after activity this time was more relaxing compared to yesterday's banana boat ride. Since we were too lazy to go back to our rooms and take off our lifejackets, we decided to spend what's left of the evening just floating around near shore and chit chatting about rubbish. At one point, the little talk broke out into a playful fight where we started flinging chunks of wet sand at each other. Good times.

Night time. What better way to end the whole trip by clubbing beside the beach; on the sand, underneath the stars, accompanied by great music. Just amazing. I love you Redang! In case you miss the links to the pictures, they're here.


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