Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Redang Trip (1/2)

Ok before I begin, I have a confession. I only took 2 pictures with my own camera throughout the entire trip. Wait, I can explain:

(At the beach)
York: We're going to play in the water.
Ben: You guys go ahead. I'm gonna take A LOT of pictures! *snaps picture of the sea* *snaps picture of the sand*

-Battery dies-

York: Spare batteries?
Ben: Forgot to bring.
York: Battery charger?
Ben: Forgot to bring.
York: Handphone charger?
Ben: What does that have anything to do with the camera?
York: ...
Ben: Also forgot to bring.
York: You are beyond hopeless.

So there, two measly pictures of the most beautiful island in Malaysia. Fortunately, York brought his own camera (and handphone charger) so there will still be pictures of the trip! Click here for them.

Day One: When we arrived at the island, we were immediately captivated by its beauty. All we could think about after getting out of the speedboat was to quickly get rid of our bags and dip right into the waters. When the tides came in, you could actually see how the sand at the bottom of the water is being swept off the ground. The waters there were THAT clear!

After lunch, we suited up in our lifejackets and masks and prepared ourselves for one of Redang's famed must-do activities, SNORKELLING! It was my first time and it certainly did not disappoint. The corals, the fishes, were all gorgeous! CK though, was a little apprehensive about the whole idea of jumping off a tiny boat in the middle of the sea.

(On the way to the snorkelling site)
CK: We are going to die.
Ben: You are overeacting.
CK: We are going to jump off the boat and sink to the bottom of the sea.
Ben: We have lifejackets.
CK: The waves are going to drift us far away from the boat.
Ben: There are 9 lifeguards tagging along.
CK: The corals will cut our feet and the sharks are going come and eat us.
Ben: There are no sharks.

Lifeguard: Ok guys, if you're really lucky, you people will get to see a shark!
Everyone: Yay!!

Ben & CK: We are going to die.

Understandably, CK was extra cautious in waters:

Normie: (Jumps off the boat) ... *looks behind*
CK: Hello.
Normie: CK, what are you doing?
CK: I'm holding on to your lifejacket.
Normie: May I ask why?
CK: No you may not.
Normie: ...
CK: ...
Normie: CK, now you're hugging me.
CK: I love you?

Snorkelling was immediately followed by an exhilarating banana boat ride. Again, my first time and again, it did not disappoint. The real idea behind the banana boat ride is actually quite interesting. Throughout the ride, the boatman will try his best to throw us off the banana boat by making hard turns and we, the riders, have to try our best to stay on it. We fell off 3 times in 10 minutes, not bad I suppose.

At night, we decided to slow down the pace by taking a leisurely walk to the other side of the island. At one point, the stars looked so beautiful that we each had to look for a beach bench to layback on and just stare at the skies. What a way to end day one in Redang.


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