Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Folks Should Be In A Play

(On our way home from lunch)
Mum: Son, you should get out more, go shopping, watch a movie, anything.
Dad: Who is he gonna do those stuff with? He obviously has no friends in the city.
Mum: Come to think of it, you're right! Son, why are you so anti-social?
Dad: He is not anti-social la. He is just enjoying life.
Mum: Who enjoys living like a pig, eating and sleeping every single day?
Dad: Look at me, I'm jobless right now and I'm enjoying it.
Mum: No, you don't.
Dad: Yes, I do.
Mum: You should get a job already! We need MONEY!
Dad: We are doing just fine!
Mum: We're having vegetarian tonight!
Dad: Don't you dare woman!
Ben: ...

Do you ever wonder what your parents talk about when you're actually NOT in the car?


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