Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Self Conscious Dad

(On the walk back to the car)
Mom: Stop.
Dad: What now?
Mum: I have to go pee.
Dad: The ride back home is only 10 minutes. Can't you hold it in?
Mum: No, I can't. Hold my umbrella. *walks into KFC*
Ben: I don't think I'll be eating at KFC anytime soon.
Dad: I look like a tranny holding your mum's huge red umbrella.

(Feon walks by)
Ben: Eh?
Feon: Eh?
Ben: Hello.
Feon: Hi. *Walks by*


Dad: Who's that?
Ben: A blogger friend.
Dad: ...
Ben: ...
Dad: I can't take it anymore! Hold this friggin' umbrella!

It's weird to bump into another blogger.. especially with our my parents around.


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