Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back On The Map

I would like to thank Eve for saving me yesterday from absolutely disappearing from the face of the earth. Before that, I was actually 3 weeks into my social slump; No face to face talks, no phone calls (except for once when Beve called :D) and of course, no msn. It was so bad, I was starting to think that I'm socialising just by LOOKING at someone else.

So yeah, Eve was back in the city for the weekend so that's when she SMSed me to ask me out for a drink. I was reluctant at first because, well, for obvious reasons:

(At a coffeshop)
Eve: So how are you?
Ben: [OMG, I don't know the answer to that!]
Eve: Ben?
Ben: Wait. The question, is it multiple choice?

I feared that I might've lost ALL of my social skills. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad. But what was supposed to be a quiet drink at a local bar turned out to be a huge club outing. I was introduced to Mabel, Eve's childhood friend. Now, she's hot but what's even hotter is her car!! So what if it's a normal looking Honda CRV? It's a normal looking Honda CRV with A FUCKING GPS SYSTEM!

All the while, I just couldn't tear myself off the map-screen thingy. I even got a rush everytime the machine gives out orders like, "Turn left after 1.5km, turn right after 500m" and of course my personal favourite, "Turn left and immediately turn right". ... I gotta stop acting like I'm from Tawau.

Now about the club we went to, it's not a very good club. That's what I thought anyway. They played a terrible mix of english oldies, contemporary chinese, and thai music. Yes, thai music. And true to my nature, I actually found all of that rather amusing:

(The song "Can't take my eyes off you" comes on)
Mabel: Why?
Ben: Who knows when they're going to play another English song! DANCE!!

The night was actually improving as it goes on. Good. I'm getting drunk. So as we were wiggling around, the music suddenly stopped. It was a RAID!! Ok, call me crazy but I was actually excited that the cops came because:

1. I've never been raided.
2. It was a Thai music playing.

I expected a lot of drama to go on like in those Hong Kong movies:

(What-I-expected scene)
Officer: Stop the music! Don't nobody try to exit this building! Azam you take the back exit, Lee you take the rear exit and Rashid, you bring team 1 and 2 to search for any hidden passageways!
Other officers: YES, SIR!
Officer: Hey, you! Where do you think you're going?!
Patron: I am going to the toilet.
Officer: You stupid cocky bastard. Beat him up and throw him into the van!!
Patron: Here's RM50.
Officer: Let him go!!

Ah well, a man can dream, can't he? This was what actually happened:

(What-actually-happened scene)
Loudspeaker: Patrons of this club, the police are here. Please give them your IC. You will get them back as you exit the club.
Patrons: [Ignores]
Loudspeaker: Please co-operate.
Patrons: [Ignores]
Loudspeaker: Pretty pleeeeassseee.

The night was cut short but I don't mind. It's still the best time I've had since I got back here. On our way back home from mamak session, we got to witness 3 different types of car accidents too. Uber cool. I would like to thank Alvin, Jason, Boon Ping, and Vaashant for getting us into the VIP area, Eve for having me as company and of course Mabel, for having me in her cool car. I will steal it.

Update: I appeared on the local news. It was about the 50 bouncer raid thingy. Heheh! But it was a bit too quick though.


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