Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Superman's New Kryptonite

We were having our dinner yesterday at the usual hawker stall when suddenly, the loudspeaker blared, "HEY SUPERMAN, TABLE A34 STILL ISN'T CLEANED UP!" Apparently, one of the workers there was nicknamed the man of steel for his amazing ability to.. well clean tables. Either that or he really IS Superman. That would certainly make one heck of a twist in the storyline:

(The final battle between Superman & Lex Luthor. The scene: Dark and unknown room)
Superman: I've got you cornered Lex.
Lex: Do you think you can outwit me so easily?! *quickly grabs a kryptonite from his pocket and points it directly at Superman*
Superman: Hahaha!
Lex: Why isn't this working?!
Superman: You silly man. Don't you think that after 462 episodes, my superhuman body would have already developed an immunity against that puny rock? *punches Lex*
Lex: Aaaargh!
Superman: Any last words?
Lex: Urgh.. no.. just.. *flicks on a switch to reveal a room filled with endless rows of tables*
Superman: What the?
Lex: Heheh.
Superman: So what? They're just tables.
Lex: Oh no, they're not JUST tables. They are DIRTY tables!
Superman: What?! No, must.. resist urge.. to clean up..
Lex: *Spills ketchup on the table*
Superman: NO!
Lex: I found out about your day job. *spills roti canai on the table*
Superman: STOP IT! You have no idea how hard it is to remove that much oil of a table! And who in the world spills roti canai?!
Lex: I'll tell you who, a man who would also spill this.
Superman: A plate of char kuey teow... but..
Lex: Muahahaha!!

Die hard Superman fans will not be pleased with this version.


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