Friday, April 20, 2007


(Scene: At a hawker stall, waiting for our food)
Wanyean: Woah!
Ben: WHERE?!
Wanyean: What where?
Ben: You said "Woah!". Where's the hot girl?!
Wanyean: I was referring to the fire from that stall's kitchen stove.
Ben: ... from now on, whenever you acknowledge something attractive, it MUST be a hot chick!
Wanyean: Fine.

(Our food arrives)

Wanyean: Mmm.. so pretty.
Ben: WHERE?!
Wanyean: I meant this mee pataya. Look at how they spread the tomato sauce on the egg. So pretty.
Ben: I'm not listening to you ever again.

(A few minutes later)

Wanyean: Niceeeeeeee.
Ben: (Ignores)
Wanyean: Man, look at that sexy, young thing!
Ben: (Ignores)
Wanyean: Sure she is a little petite but that only makes her cuter. I mean, look at the curves on her! In my lifetime, I don't think I have ever before seen such a hot, good-looking...
Ben: (Looks)
Wanyean: ...handphone.

I hate it when I'm horny and alert.

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