Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sex & Bed Space

I remember having this conversation with my dad before we migrated from Tawau to PJ:

Dad: We're furnishing your room in PJ. What do you need?
Ben: Er.. a study table, a wardrobe and a bed.
Dad: What kind of bed?
Ben: Single of course.
Dad: No. You're getting a queen sized bed.
Ben: But why?
Dad: If you only have a single bed, how are you going to 'have relations' with your future girlfriend?
Ben: ...
Dad: You're not doing it on our bed.
Ben: Actually there's enough room on a single bed to do 'it'.
Dad: But on a queen sized bed, you two will have more space to move around.
Ben: Why would we move around while doing it?
Dad: Change positions.

And you people wonder why I am weird.

I'll be off to the races tomorrow!



Hahaha! So now there's these genes in u that makes u weird huh? Keke! Eh but not much parents will tell that to the kids lah, at least not my parents.

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