Tuesday, April 10, 2007

F1 Malaysian GP Field Trip

Yesterday, I embarked on my first uni field trip to watch the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix. The tickets were sponsored by the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) and they were rumoured to be worth about RM700 per ticket. I am so glad I joined the right society.

I have several qualms though about Sepang:

(Qualm 1: No toilet at the entrance area)
Ben: I can't believe a place like this doesn't even have a toilet.
Kim: Yeah they do. It's just a little.. unusual.
Ben: I am NOT taking a crap in that sorry excuse for a lavatory.
Kim: Well you can't just hold it in. We've still got 3 more hours before the race starts.

(30 seconds later)

Ben: You're using it with me.

I hated that box-like toilet. It had no proper water pipe, zero drainage system and worst of all I was sweating like a pig because the place had absolutely NO ventilation. I seriously thought I was going to die in a portable toilet.

(Qualm 2: Cost of everything)
Ben: I wanna buy a souvenir.
Adrian: What do you wanna get?
Ben: I want an F1 shirt!
Adrian: They cost around RM250, minimum.
Ben: ... how about an F1 cap?
Adrian: Those are RM150.
Ben: Ok fine, I'll just get a key chain.
Adrian: RM80.
Ben: For a stupid key chain?! You know what, forget it. Let's just get something to eat.
Adrian: RM70 for a set lunch.
Ben: I hate this place.

But other than that, the whole trip was quite an experience for me. To watch some of the foreign die hard fans come all the way here to support their fellow countryman, to see some of the drivers making candid appearances at their sponsor's booths and of course to witness the race itself, it was all so surreal.

Actually the coolest part about the race, besides the deafening sound of the roaring engines, was the fact that we were sitting so close to the track that we were able to smell the burnt tires. Yeah I know, it smells kinda bad but look at this way.

Picture someone as hot and as famous as say, Beyonce Knowles who is performing on stage and you were sitting in the front row. She suddenly farted. Even though it stinks, in a way, it still 'smells' good right? ... I mean, it's Beyonce Knowles' gas!!


Pictures here.

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